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Because pain can make us fearful and exhausted, we want the quickest way out, but this almost never produces a long-term result. Instead of healing, you get momentary relief (if you're lucky), surgical recommendations, and very often, you end up feeling worse than when you started.


We've helped hundreds of clients minimize or completely eliminate pain using our Pilates For Pain Management process.


As an RN, Owner Jennifer Mapalad learned that only by looking into the root of pain, could she begin to help her patients.

Injury and surgery recovery involves looking at what supports the affected area. Our approach is to target the systems that support, heal, and strengthen around the problem area.

How does it work?

We COMBINE Pilates principles with medical expertise to bring you the best results.

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We start by taking a complete history and performing an in-depth postural assessment. This assessment begins to give us the necessary information to formulate a specialized curriculum to improve functional mobility. 

We look for the ways the body is not functioning optimally which leads to a lack of balance, stability, or strength.

We notice how the client is breathing, which can indicate areas of pain or discomfort, as well as structural misalignment preventing the breath from moving fluidly in and out of the body.

We observe all 5 planes of motion (flexion, extension, lateral bending, rotation, and spiral) to gain a "3d" view of your body. This will include observing your gait, your alignment in supine position, and your neuro response (your level of brain/body connection).


When you work with us, you are getting a long-term plan that will produce the long-term results you've been praying for and that you deserve!

No one should have to suffer from chronic or acute pain.

Sign up for one of our New Client Specials now, or contact us today to get started living your pain-free life with Pilates.